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 Chapter I: Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Chapter I: Forum Rules   Sun Mar 22, 2015 12:04 am

In the academy, it is most important to keep things mellow and make sure everyone is enjoying their time here as much as possible. To ensure this, there are a set of out of content rules that is absolutely necessary for you to abide. We don't ask a lot, but promise a lot as long as you can follow these rules.

In order to have a friendly environment at all times, you must respect everyone in general. People who verbally assault, bully, make fun of or cause any short of harassment to another member due to personal reasons will be warned or banned depending on the level of harm done.

We ask of you to keep swearing to a mild degree. Soft swearing is of course, fine. But anything more than that will raise eyebrows.

Controversial topics are not allowed to be discussed. These topics usually tend to be spark up easily and cause dismay between members.

Each account counts as one character that you can shape in any way you want. Please make sure to not use different characters in one account and make sure the account username is the name of the character it will have. My account is an example for this.

For your face claims, it can be a real actor or an anime character. There is no limit. But of course, choosing a Pokémon or an animal as your face claim is not allowed.

You are allowed to have 4 alts, so 5 accounts with your main, to role-play with, as long as they are active, of course.

Avatar size for the forum is 150x300. Please create your avatars exactly at this size.

There is no limit on signature size, however, we still ask you to keep it to a reasonable amount. If you want to use big pictures or paragraphs of text, keep them in a convenient box of spoiler.

Please, respect the staff members. They are there for a reason and they are making everything go as humanly smooth as possible. Debating with staff members and trying to reach a better resolve is fine, however using harsh words and having a negative behavior are all minus points. A staff member can end the debate any time they want and we ask of you to listen to them for the best enjoyment possible.

Refrain from spamming staff members to check your application, staff members are not robots, they are human. Post the thing you want checked on staff boards, and they will be sure to see it and work on it.

Staff members have the ability to edit your profile at any time they wish. However, this is not something that will be done like it's walking down the street and is usually the result of some kind of mistake ot or a wrong doing at one of the parties.

Swearing is asked to be kept to minimum in the chatbox. It is allowed to a some degree, but you WILL be kicked if you do it. Repeating it will result with a ban.

Advertising on the chatbox is strictly forbidden. For advertising, please use the appropriate section for it.

Spam using words or smileys will only get one warning before resulting in a ban from the chatbox. Doing it as a joke or for the moment is fine, but refrain from it when the chatbox is crowded and people specificly asked you to stop or don't do it in the first place.
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Chapter I: Forum Rules
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